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Does reductionist science miss the bigger pattern 3

Posted by desicontrarian on December 26, 2008

I have many problems with the Big bang theory of the Origin of the Universe. Mind, I am a layman, and think from normal, ‘common sense’ logic.

The facts which gave rise to this theory are as follows.

1.  Astronomer Edwin Hubble discovered that distances to distant stars and galaxies were proportional to their redshift.

2.  He formulated a law regarding the proportionality of the distances and the redshifts.  

3.  He (not sure of this) discovered, by measuring these distances over years,  that these heavenly bodies were moving away from the earth at a constant velocity.

4. This was extrapolated forwards in time to postulate that the Universe was expanding. And backwards in time to postulate that the Universe must have been an infinitely dense point in the beginning.  And that the universe started with a big bang.

5. The Universe is 13 billion years old, and the earth in 4.5 billion years old.

My questions are:

1. What is the Universe expanding into? For something to expand, there must be room for it, right? But there is nothing beyond the Universe!

2.  Is the increase in distance between heavenly bodies = Universe is expanding? Or is it possible that there actually is a lot of space already available for these increases to happen?

3. Does it only appear to us that the distances to stars/galaxies are increasing because Time is slowing down?

4. Is it justified to extrapolate all the way back to Universe as a Single Point? Why should this phenomenon be continuous, linear and uninterrupted ever since the big bang?

5. Since Absolute Time does not exist, what does it mean to say that the big bang happened 13 billion years ago? And why do scientists  keep changing it in relatively short periods of time?

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