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Serendipity – How the Late Osho and Manasataramgini think alike :-)

Posted by desicontrarian on July 15, 2013

There was a cat who became all-knowing. She became famous among cats – so much so that she came to be looked upon as a tirthankara. The reason for her becoming all-knowing was that she found a way of sneaking into the library. She knew everything about this library. By everything I mean the means of entry to  and exit from the library, which set of books was most comfortable to snuggle against, which books gave warmth in the winter and which were cool in the summer, et cetera.

So the word went around among  the cats that if anybody wanted any knowledge about the library, the all-knowing cat could provide the answer. Naturally, there was no doubt about such a one who knew everything about the library being omniscient. This cat even had followers. But the fact remained that she knew nothing. All that she knew about  books was whether she could sit behind them comfortably, which books had cloth binding, which were warm, which were not etc. She had not the least idea of what was inside the book. How could a cat know what is inside a book?

There are such all-knowing cats among men too, who know how to shield themselves with books.

Osho – Kundalini Yoga

Is that some coincidence, or what? I’m salivating,  trying to guess the identity of the cat-among-men. Any pointers?

2 Responses to “Serendipity – How the Late Osho and Manasataramgini think alike :-)”

  1. said

    i came across ur blog today. well written. but whats your beef with manasataramgini. a wonderful blog with some brilliant insights into hindu history / thought

    • desicontrarian said

      I love Manasataramgini. How did you get the idea that I have a beef against it? The post I linked to is hilarious and deep, something rare in writers. I think this is a great person.

      One difficulty I have had is that the commenting system on Manastaramgini does not seem to work.

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